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It Is Dangerous to Be Right When the Government Is Wrong – Gujarat Proved It

The other night when I made my kids go to bed, there was this feeling of trust, confidence and peace in my heart that automatically made me utter; “come on, sleep kids. We want to wake up early for school tomorrow.” These kinds of disturbances are common. The policemen are on the streets to settle down the gatherings.” That day there was a massive rally held by the Patidar community demanding reservations and police was trying to disperse them.

But guess what, it felt as if The Sun rose from the opposite side the next morning. The night was vandalized by POLICE GOONS who made a mockery of Indian Judiciary System, wrecking it from here, there and everywhere. They conquered our streets, break into residential societies, shattered the doors of common people and not only disrupted the lives of civilians but tear apart the long lasting trust from a state that felt vibrant just a night before.

    • I realized that we had elected a party which is blind and dumb; not only that but it is so powerless to protect the core concept of a democracy. It has failed to safeguard its own people who elected the leaders in majority with a deep trust that their presence will give us console to build a tranquil living in the State of Gujarat. Innocent youth, elderly civilians & women have been beaten up like herds and not a single minister had the audacity to control the force of goods who had overtaken my city in the middle of the night; this has drastically downgraded the living standards of the so called Vibrant State.


    • Mr. Modi, a brand ambassador of India who has contributed enormously towards the upliftment of this state had shown up nowhere in the massacre. After hundreds of innocent people were rattled up by the protectors (THE POLICE GOONS) of the community; he manages to get few minutes from his busy international travel schedule to address the citizens to maintain peace, harmony and resolve any issues via talks. He showed no regrets towards the barbarian treatment and he failed to take people into confidence. We are talking about the plight of people from a constituency where he was elected as an undisputed winner for so many years.


    • Forget about why Katappa killed Bahuballi? The mysterious question now pertains is what on earth stimulated THE POLICE GOONS to beat common people who were sleeping in their homes at midnight? What was the personal vengeance that they had to trash automobiles and damage personal properties?
        • They have enforced into private properties, damaging cars, two wheelers, etc.
        • They have hit innocent people including women and elderly.
        • They have jeered at Patidar community; “Advising to send Patidar women to them to conceive SC/ST babies”.
        • They have abducted innocent youth, taken them to custody and have beaten until they are dead.
      • They have literally murdered people.


Shockingly, no major action has been taken against this group of government terrorist. The point is, even the government is incompetent to command its own force. Under this circumstance, our democracy is at stake. Each and every POLICE GOONS involved in this must have been suspended by now; as that hasn’t been done yet, the leading party must resign with immediate effect. They have got no right to rule the people whom they can’t protect.

Gujarat feels very unsecure to live today. Luckily my brother’s family just got immigrated to Canada few months back and I consider him to be a blessed soul. At least he knows that there is a government rule that protects his family day and night. There aren’t fanatics in uniform creating atrocity.

When my brother was leaving for abroad, I proudly advised him to invest his savings in India, he will get unexpected growth. I am changing my stance on that now. We must assure that none of our friends and relatives should consider this option anymore because this is a state where POLICE GOONS can come to your home one day and forfeit any of your life long savings, it’s not at all secured. All these years Mr. Modi was getting handsome investment from NRIs, I don’t know what cast or religion they were but now I know one thing; such an investment is a trap by the government to lure people by a reverie of Developing Gujarat and what not. Hope this serves as a piece of advice to those who have not been clutched into the claws of the phony system.

Understanding Government Jobs In Pakistan

There are two types of government jobs in Pakistan: gazetted and non-gazetted jobs. Gazetted jobs are those above 16th grade. The jobs are said to be gazetted as you get notifications about their availability in the government gazette. For you to get these jobs you have to sit the CSS and PMS examinations. The exams cover a wide area including current affairs, Pakistan affairs, Islam, mathematics, science, history and IQ. If you are planning on taking the examination you have to develop a reading culture.

When applying for the gazetted jobs you should note that the federal public service commission is the one that takes the CSS exams for the government jobs in federal departments. If interested in working in the provincial level, the examinations are handled by the provincial public service commission.

Non-gazetted jobs in Pakistan

The National Testing Service (NTS) and ETEA are hired by the government to help with the recruitment. The two are testing agencies and undertake the physical and written tests. Once you have passed the tests, you have to attend an interview in the relevant government department.

Powerful government jobs

While there are many government jobs that you can choose from, there are some that are more powerful and respected than others. If you like status, you should go for the powerful jobs and they include: Pak army, navy, NAB, IB, Pakistan air force, ISI, police, judiciary, ASF, NTS, CSS, and PCS jobs.

How to increase your chances of getting government jobs

There is no magic bullet to getting government jobs. All you have to do is prepare for them. One of the ways of preparing yourself is reading and watching videos that improve your knowledge on current and Pakistan affairs. You should also work at improving your EQ and IQ level.

If you are planning of joining the army or police you should pay close attention to your physical fitness. You should exercise daily and go for medical checkups. If you have a medical condition, have it fixed before the exam date. This is to eliminate the chances of being eliminated due to poor health.


This is what you need to know about government jobs in Pakistan. One of the worst mistakes that you can make when getting the jobs is trying to bribe your way in. Remember that Pakistan is very strict on corruption and if caught trying to bribe someone you not only lose your chance of getting the job, you can also get prosecuted.

Talent for Hire – Private Vs Government Jobs in India

Today, with improvised technology and better communication channels Human Resource can reach a good number of prospective candidates to make up the talent crunch within an organization. However, there are still few challenges experienced by HR leaders in recruiting the right person for their requirements.

According to a survey on HR challenges, one common issue identified is the “difficulty in talent acquisition by HR managers as candidates have umpteen options lined up in front of them”. These options are not only limited to the private recruitment sector, but candidates are even found to be interested in government sector jobs as well.

Comparing the government jobs vs. private sector jobs scenario (from the year 2010 to 2015)

There was a time when Indians wanted comfort and security in their job. This was the reason government sector was preferred over the private companies. Gradually, time changed, and people realized the perks of working in the private zone like openness to ideas, creativity, rewards, recognition etc. This motivated Indians to join the private enterprise and prosper in their career growth.

As said, there is a lifecycle of every trend. The start of new millennium has seen a tremendous growth in private enterprise employment as compared to the Government sector. Now, this trend is somewhat on its “saturation phase” as people have again started focusing on government vacancies, including both freshers as well as experienced private sector employees.

This scenario is one of the reasons HR managers in the private zone are experiencing the scarcity of talented candidates to fill the job vacancies.

Government banking sector is one source of HR challenges in private industry

Even when you take a sneak peak to a list of government job options, you will easily pinpoint the increased number of job applicants in Public Sector Undertakings. In particular, government banking sector jobs are on the rise, flooded with job vacancies. Whether it is Punjab National Bank (PNB) recruitment or SBI recruitment for clerical or probationary officers, a good number of openings are available pan India.

Let’s take a look at some eye-opening statistical data on government vs. private sector jobs

As per ASSOCHAM (The Associated Chambers of Commerce of India) survey report following points concluded:

  1. More than 60% business school graduates prefer to work in PSUs as compared to private sector.
  2. Since, 2014 a significant increase in requirement for right talent has been observed in PSUs owing to public sector strategy to revamp activities and make them profitable.
  3. It is identified that government sector surprisingly, pays 30-50% less of what private sector pays (this applies to top senior management).
  4. In a comprehensive analysis of ASSOCHAM survey, it is found that MBA graduates are neither interested in running their start-ups nor in joining the private sector. They are more interested in those jobs where there are fixed salary increments (as 6th and 7th pay commission) and do not easily get fired even if they are unproductive.

Here is a short list of few PSUs that receive high number of job applications every year:

  • SAIL ( Steel Authority of India )
  • NTPC ( National Thermal Power Corporation Limited )
  • BHEL ( Bharat Heavy Electricals )
  • IOC ( Indian Oil Corporation Limited )
  • SBI ( State Bank of India ) recruitments
  • Pnb ( Punjab National Bank ) recruitments

The Salary factor

In private sectors average MBA graduates receive a starting package of around 3.5 lakhs, whereas in PSUs the starting package is somewhere between 8-12 lakhs.

Salary factor is another reason top B-schools graduate’s focus more on government jobs over the private industry. Apart from salary, there are other allowances that PSUs offer to their employees that are far better figures as compared to the private sector.

After the recessionary trend in 2008, the Indian recruitment industry recovered itself very well though it took about two years for companies to be back on track. Since the year 2012, most graduates faced substantial lapped-down by FMCGs and investment banks. This factor was also a driving factor behind the elevated interest of graduates in Public Sector Undertakings.

The level of convenience and job security are primary reasons candidates prefer PSUs over private zones. Hence, this scenario also added as a challenge in “talent for hire” for HR leaders.

Government Studies the High Cost of Debt Protection

Consumers with credit card debt, unpaid taxes or loans have one thing in common – help in repaying their debt without losing their homes or destroying their credit. Many people look for debt relief solutions at the source of their problems – the IRS, credit card issuers and other lenders. These services provide the help needed for many consumers but the government is concerned that for the price some are receiving too little for their money. To that end, debt protection products are being scrutinized by the Government Accountability Office (GOA), in the same way that the credit card industry was studied by the Federal Reserve.

The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, created last year by the passage of the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act, will study debt protection products, and consider legislation to balance the money consumers spend and the protection they receive. The bureau could create educational programs to help consumers learn which products best serves their needs.

According to a recent study, consumers are paying too much for too little return when they purchase debt protection from their credit card company, advertised as a way to postpone or eliminate some or all of your credit card debt that may occur from unexpected life events like a disabling accident, hospitalization or job loss. The report also suggested that debt protection products can be difficult for consumers to understand, with little educational resources to help consumers assess them.

Americans spent $2.4 billion on debt protection products in 2009 but only received $518 million in returned benefits. The top nine credit card issuers, representing 80% of the credit card industry, were examined. These companies market debt protection extensively through direct marketing – sent U.S. mail, via email and websites and through their branch offices.

Most programs provide their service for a monthly fee of between $0.85 and $1.35 for every $100 in credit card balance, averaging $200 annually, according to the GOA study. But reaping the benefits may be hard to come by when the details and fine print are taken into account. Some policies won’t cover hospitalization if it was from a preexisting condition. Complex applications, loopholes, and too many restrictions may deter legitimate claims from being filed.

Is debt protection really worth the cost? According to the research, based on how the providers have the protection plans structured, it’s just not worth the cost for most people. Maybe in time, these services will develop into a good way to protect the consumer, but for now it’s not much of a service. We will see.

Government Tactics Belittle Who America Really Is

Why are taxpayers paying for kindergarten antics at the White House, Congress and the Senate?

In the latest moves by our government, it seems that they have lost all semblance of maturity and turned into sad replicas of spoiled children who use name-calling, anger, finger pointing, and temper tantrums in conducting their daily business.

The Office of the Presidency always carried with it an aura of dignity and respect but lately it has become part and parcel with name calling, abject arrogance, finger pointing, bullying, and temper tantrums. Our leader will not attend certain functions, meet certain individuals or be all inclusive of other religions, beliefs, and outlooks. The State Department can’t answer questions intelligently and hem and haw about issues that are so very important to every citizen in our country. However, when it comes to spending money there is no oversight and no explanation for the huge amounts taken for reasons unbeknown to anyone but the executive branch. Treaties, deals, and decisions are made in total secrecy, behind closed doors, but the campaign promise of transparency has been buried and forgotten.

When people of supposedly better rank than the ordinary citizens in this country commit fraud, crimes, and even treason, why do they continue on their merry way and there is no censure or actions taken to account for their inappropriate actions? As the public stands by knowing full well what they have done, or are doing, nothing is done because they are who they are and therefore according to the teflon rule of law are neither asked to account for, explain, or are taken to task for their wrongdoing or inappropriate behavior?

We have truly become a one political party country. Both sides of the aisle use actions that people do not condone in any other circumstance but allow their elected officials to backslide on promises, make public their infantile behavior, and still go on their way being compensated for acting like a gang of thugs.

Ridicule, insults and degrading remarks are part of speeches made by the man in the oval office, but Americans take offense to any such language against our country. We still insist that our way is the only way and other cultures, and countries either go our way or hit the highway.

It seems that the pomp and circumstance of the White House has been tarnished and abandoned. While catchy phrases and sensational adjectives are fine in other Washington circles, the Executive Branch was to always uphold the best and proudest of U.S. actions. Even Congress and the Senate do nothing but argue, point swords and pitch falsehoods if it gets them what they want. Our country of today intimidates, threatens and as the President stated – we twist arms of other countries if we have to to get them to do what we want – Nazi Germany did this, Communism did this, but we were above that.

We spend more on military, but our military has not won a war in years. We train other military groups in countries around the world, but we can’t prove our “might” by our actions in causes that are justified and of importance to this country for other reasons then the main gist of our efforts is for oil and natural resources.

We were a great country, can be again, and will be if we “grow up”, change our schoolyard bickering tactics into respectful debate, and stop trying to upstage everyone else and brag about how supreme we are – actions speak louder than words and words fall on the ears of our younger generations who learn daily that macho, in your face tactics make us who we are. Is that why our young people commit crimes that never were heard of in the past, treat each other as enemies, and have lost respect for not only themselves but for any authority figure such as parents, teachers, law enforce- ment?

U. S. Government – you stand in the position to lead and influence our young people, citizens of every age, and yet you take that task so lightly and choose to belittle who you are and your position as elected officials.

We may feel we are morally right and correct in every decision we make, but so do all oppressive governments in the past and currently. Without opening up to true dialogue, being willing to meet everyone at least half way in their beliefs, and actions, and stop picking sides that only benefit us and cause total devastation to others, then we have a chance of regaining our place in history – otherwise we will just be another Rome, Nazi Germany, and regimes that may have blustered their way to the top of the heap and lost footing and fell to obscurity.