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Category Archives: Dangerous of Government

War Launched Against Corruption


A part of the general population will say that it is difficult to kill debasement, as it is a piece of our general public. Some others would say that debasement is a worldwide marvel. Defilement is unending sicknesses, for example, diabetes. It can be controlled, however not vanished.

As I would like to think such answers are a type of uninvolved state of mind not assumes any liability all alone. Yet, one needs to accept and suspected something. Somebody may have a conclusion against, and says so everyone can hear:

– Yes! It is conceivable to battle defilement.

At any rate this conviction applies to the war dispatched against him. In the event that you begin with the inverse of this conviction, then we have no chance to get out, yet just to open to live respectively with him.

Why do I have to battle defilement?

The Power Of Corruption


All through history realms have risen just to succumb to the force of defilement. It is force that feeds the flares of advancement furthermore keeps the world in a blast of contention. There has dependably been the individuals who ascend to awesome force who then utilize their impact to control the predeterminations of man. What’s more, in an excessive number of occurrences out of that force defilement overpowers entire social orders.

Force is a power that moves articles, individuals or countries either forward or in reverse. There are numerous types of force where the effort of power in our reality today has heightened the predicament of mankind. Be that as it may, when man uses such power again and again man gets to be degenerate. It is out of the developing force that an individual or country has over a populace the impact he has sires more defilement inside that populace. We ought to never forget that where there is extraordinary force when held by an individual or country accompanies awesome obligation. An obligation to utilize that force shrewdly. Furthermore, yet humanity has seen such incredible power again and again influenced by chances to get significantly more power. This is the place the advantages of influence are riches and control. However, when looking for more power undermines the great aims of that one individual or country.

It Is Dangerous to Be Right When the Government Is Wrong – Gujarat Proved It

The other night when I made my kids go to bed, there was this feeling of trust, confidence and peace in my heart that automatically made me utter; “come on, sleep kids. We want to wake up early for school tomorrow.” These kinds of disturbances are common. The policemen are on the streets to settle down the gatherings.” That day there was a massive rally held by the Patidar community demanding reservations and police was trying to disperse them.

But guess what, it felt as if The Sun rose from the opposite side the next morning. The night was vandalized by POLICE GOONS who made a mockery of Indian Judiciary System, wrecking it from here, there and everywhere. They conquered our streets, break into residential societies, shattered the doors of common people and not only disrupted the lives of civilians but tear apart the long lasting trust from a state that felt vibrant just a night before.

    • I realized that we had elected a party which is blind and dumb; not only that but it is so powerless to protect the core concept of a democracy. It has failed to safeguard its own people who elected the leaders in majority with a deep trust that their presence will give us console to build a tranquil living in the State of Gujarat. Innocent youth, elderly civilians & women have been beaten up like herds and not a single minister had the audacity to control the force of goods who had overtaken my city in the middle of the night; this has drastically downgraded the living standards of the so called Vibrant State.


    • Mr. Modi, a brand ambassador of India who has contributed enormously towards the upliftment of this state had shown up nowhere in the massacre. After hundreds of innocent people were rattled up by the protectors (THE POLICE GOONS) of the community; he manages to get few minutes from his busy international travel schedule to address the citizens to maintain peace, harmony and resolve any issues via talks. He showed no regrets towards the barbarian treatment and he failed to take people into confidence. We are talking about the plight of people from a constituency where he was elected as an undisputed winner for so many years.


    • Forget about why Katappa killed Bahuballi? The mysterious question now pertains is what on earth stimulated THE POLICE GOONS to beat common people who were sleeping in their homes at midnight? What was the personal vengeance that they had to trash automobiles and damage personal properties?
        • They have enforced into private properties, damaging cars, two wheelers, etc.
        • They have hit innocent people including women and elderly.
        • They have jeered at Patidar community; “Advising to send Patidar women to them to conceive SC/ST babies”.
        • They have abducted innocent youth, taken them to custody and have beaten until they are dead.
      • They have literally murdered people.


Shockingly, no major action has been taken against this group of government terrorist. The point is, even the government is incompetent to command its own force. Under this circumstance, our democracy is at stake. Each and every POLICE GOONS involved in this must have been suspended by now; as that hasn’t been done yet, the leading party must resign with immediate effect. They have got no right to rule the people whom they can’t protect.

Gujarat feels very unsecure to live today. Luckily my brother’s family just got immigrated to Canada few months back and I consider him to be a blessed soul. At least he knows that there is a government rule that protects his family day and night. There aren’t fanatics in uniform creating atrocity.

When my brother was leaving for abroad, I proudly advised him to invest his savings in India, he will get unexpected growth. I am changing my stance on that now. We must assure that none of our friends and relatives should consider this option anymore because this is a state where POLICE GOONS can come to your home one day and forfeit any of your life long savings, it’s not at all secured. All these years Mr. Modi was getting handsome investment from NRIs, I don’t know what cast or religion they were but now I know one thing; such an investment is a trap by the government to lure people by a reverie of Developing Gujarat and what not. Hope this serves as a piece of advice to those who have not been clutched into the claws of the phony system.