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Category Archives: Tactic and Politic

Government Tactics Belittle Who America Really Is

Why are taxpayers paying for kindergarten antics at the White House, Congress and the Senate?

In the latest moves by our government, it seems that they have lost all semblance of maturity and turned into sad replicas of spoiled children who use name-calling, anger, finger pointing, and temper tantrums in conducting their daily business.

The Office of the Presidency always carried with it an aura of dignity and respect but lately it has become part and parcel with name calling, abject arrogance, finger pointing, bullying, and temper tantrums. Our leader will not attend certain functions, meet certain individuals or be all inclusive of other religions, beliefs, and outlooks. The State Department can’t answer questions intelligently and hem and haw about issues that are so very important to every citizen in our country. However, when it comes to spending money there is no oversight and no explanation for the huge amounts taken for reasons unbeknown to anyone but the executive branch. Treaties, deals, and decisions are made in total secrecy, behind closed doors, but the campaign promise of transparency has been buried and forgotten.

When people of supposedly better rank than the ordinary citizens in this country commit fraud, crimes, and even treason, why do they continue on their merry way and there is no censure or actions taken to account for their inappropriate actions? As the public stands by knowing full well what they have done, or are doing, nothing is done because they are who they are and therefore according to the teflon rule of law are neither asked to account for, explain, or are taken to task for their wrongdoing or inappropriate behavior?

We have truly become a one political party country. Both sides of the aisle use actions that people do not condone in any other circumstance but allow their elected officials to backslide on promises, make public their infantile behavior, and still go on their way being compensated for acting like a gang of thugs.

Ridicule, insults and degrading remarks are part of speeches made by the man in the oval office, but Americans take offense to any such language against our country. We still insist that our way is the only way and other cultures, and countries either go our way or hit the highway.

It seems that the pomp and circumstance of the White House has been tarnished and abandoned. While catchy phrases and sensational adjectives are fine in other Washington circles, the Executive Branch was to always uphold the best and proudest of U.S. actions. Even Congress and the Senate do nothing but argue, point swords and pitch falsehoods if it gets them what they want. Our country of today intimidates, threatens and as the President stated – we twist arms of other countries if we have to to get them to do what we want – Nazi Germany did this, Communism did this, but we were above that.

We spend more on military, but our military has not won a war in years. We train other military groups in countries around the world, but we can’t prove our “might” by our actions in causes that are justified and of importance to this country for other reasons then the main gist of our efforts is for oil and natural resources.

We were a great country, can be again, and will be if we “grow up”, change our schoolyard bickering tactics into respectful debate, and stop trying to upstage everyone else and brag about how supreme we are – actions speak louder than words and words fall on the ears of our younger generations who learn daily that macho, in your face tactics make us who we are. Is that why our young people commit crimes that never were heard of in the past, treat each other as enemies, and have lost respect for not only themselves but for any authority figure such as parents, teachers, law enforce- ment?

U. S. Government – you stand in the position to lead and influence our young people, citizens of every age, and yet you take that task so lightly and choose to belittle who you are and your position as elected officials.

We may feel we are morally right and correct in every decision we make, but so do all oppressive governments in the past and currently. Without opening up to true dialogue, being willing to meet everyone at least half way in their beliefs, and actions, and stop picking sides that only benefit us and cause total devastation to others, then we have a chance of regaining our place in history – otherwise we will just be another Rome, Nazi Germany, and regimes that may have blustered their way to the top of the heap and lost footing and fell to obscurity.