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How to Prepare for and Crush Your Next Job Interview!

It doesn’t matter whether you’re applying for a job at your local grocery store, working in an office cubicle, or managing a chain of retail stores; in today’s current employment market, finding and securing a job is hard. Most people struggle to even get to the interview stage!

If this sounds a little too familiar and you need some extra tips and advice to help to get your foot in the door, this is the article for you.

  1. What Do You Know About the Company?
    1. This is going to be one of the first questions that any interviewer is going to ask you, so be sure that you have a good answer! Before your interview, spend a good amount of time researching the company, it’s positions, its goals, and where you believe the company can improve. Additionally, look for appropriate information on the people who you expect to be meeting with to adjust your approach and answer to be more aligned with their management style and approach.
  2. What Will You Be Wearing?
    1. Despite what societal movements might have you believe, how you dress and present yourself matters. While this doesn’t mean that you need to dress like a robot, you do need to ensure that your outfit is appropriate not just for the workplace, but for an interview. This means plain clothing with minimal color and designs. If you aren’t sure where to start, the Groupon Coupons page for Rue 21 has some good ideas to help. The idea behind this is to take the safer route before finding out their dress policy, and to also place the focus of the interview on your skillset and personality, not on our outfit choice.
  3. Don’t Be Late!
    1. There is nothing which sets a worse impression of yourself than being late to an interview. While the reason may be that you missed your train or you couldn’t find your toothbrush, the interviewer will see it as a sign of disrespect, in that your time is more valuable than theirs. When planning the route to your interview, be sure to leave a few trains or busses in between when you need to arrive, just in case. If you aren’t sure how long it will take you, don’t be afraid to do a dry-run a day or two before to gauge the travel time and hassles involved.
  4. Relax!
    1. Part of getting to your interview on time is so that you have a moment to prepare yourself, and not just rush in straight off the bus. If possible, find a quiet space close to your interview location and take a few moments to center yourself and mentally prepare for what’s to come. Flashcards can be a great way to remind yourself of your key talking points during your preparation, however, be sure you don’t accidentally take them into the interview with you.

Much of the anxiety around interviews stems from unnecessary nerves about situations which only happen in the movies. Instead of feeling nervous or anxious, use your energy to prepare and remind yourself that you’ve got this!